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Finding a Community's Greenhouse Gas Contributions

Only by measuring a community's greenhouse gas footprint can we appreciate the impact of our changes. Each community makes a different contribution to global warming, a contribution that varies by climate, income, density, and power mix. In this beta, the United States' 30,000 cities are compared using familiar Google Maps or Google Earth, and employing a database reflecting the diversity of a community's greenhouse gas footprint. Each city is represented by an icon showing whether their global warming contribution is greater or less.

Begin searching by either completing the form, or starting a Google Earth session using the network link. Clicking the city icon will begin to show what a community can do. We show the mix that generates a community's global greenhouse footprint, and introduce an early version of a calculator to show impacts of household choices. Our service has been customized to serve states, universities and the private sector. We welcome your feeback and interest.
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Combo setting Relative Emission Level

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Explore the greenhouse gas emission using Google Earth. First, follow the link to install the Version 4 Beta of Google Earth. You must update Google Earth. Then click the link to download the greenhouse gas network link.
1) Install Google Earth
2) Download Greenhouse Gas Layer

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