What We Do

Terradex's web offerings bring safe stewardship to contaminated properties and large grounwater plumes. LandWatch controls land activities around contaminated properties, Dig Clean protects excavators above contaminated sites, the CleanupDeck is a reporting dashboard for all Terradex services, and WhatsDown is an early mobile application for public discovery of environmental conditions. Our professional services support implementing our technologies, and support an organization's application of use of institutional or enginnering controls.


LandWatch is the “smoke alarm” for land stewardship, and currently protects over 600 sites covering more than 500,000 acres. LandWatch alerts both business and government to unsafe land use by interfacing institutional and engineering controls with monitoring of land activity. In this pursuit, LandWatch can also monitor remote vapor extraction systems, remote inspection and scheduled affirmative obligations.

Dig Clean

DigClean is the “cheat sheet” for excavation, providing excavators with comprehensive environmental health advisories related to upcoming projects. The one-page advisories compile relevant information about dig sites, such as underground cleanup facilities or residual contaminants nearby, and are automatically generated and sent via SMS, email, phone and fax.

LandWatch Viewer/CleanUp Deck

LandWatch Viewer hosts a versatile environmental mapping and reporting platform supporting various Terradex services such as, LandWatch, DigClean and custom mapping. LandWatch Viewer provides users with information about a land parcel including recent sales, recent land activities and institutional controls as well as portfolios of mapped sites. Terradex tailors the LandWatch Viewer to meet organizations' needs.


WhatsDown is the “land contaminant database.” A responsive mobile web application, WhatsDown helps the public to locate spill sites, institutional controls, groundwater plumes and other information about buried environmental contaminants.

Professional & Web Development Services

Terradex provides professional and web development services for long term stewardship. Our professional expertise draws on deep expertise in the implementation of institutional controls and maintenance of engineering controls. Our web development services draw on our applications, mapping, and databases in order to display environmental data. Terradex’s combination of cutting edge technology and years of specialized experience in the field present unique value to stakeholders. Some examples of Terradex’s past work:

  • Maintaining CERCLA Liability Protection and Equivalent State Protections. Terradex applies the findings of an All Appropriate Inquiry to build plans to satisfy continuing obligations.
  • Designing Institutional Control and Land Use Control Programs. Terradex designs effective and practical institutional controls as well as mechanisms to protect engineering controls.
  • Setting up Institutional Programs on State and Municipal Level. Terradex builds land use control implementation plans to operate between various levels of government.
  • Trustee Services. Terradex staff serve as trustees or administrators at large remedy sites where ongoing obligation are funded through trusts.
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