Conversation with Bob Wenzlau, Terradex CEO

Bob Wenzlau September 8, 2014

Terradex’s WhatsDown launched in the Summer of 2014. The release of WhatsDown coincided with concerns across Silicon Valley about public health related to volatile organics. Terradex has sought to play a constructive role while offering useful commercial services including indoor air testing.

A more detailed article is at this link to the Palo Alto Weekly.

AboutBob Wenzlau
Bob is the CEO and Founder of Terradex. An environmental engineer by training, he has deep expertise in the long-term care of contaminated sites. Nearly 20 years ago, Bob founded Terradex with the original concept of an independent business that would monitor the effectiveness of institutional controls by screening land activity and use. Bob developed the LandWatch, DigClean, and WhatsDown products to address the varying use cases of any stakeholder of land contamination. He contemplated and created the Terradex Toolbox that allows customizations within each of the products to meet specific customer needs.
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