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We are a technology company that builds and operates web technologies to protect the environment and human health. Serving a growing niche, our technologies help assure safe reuse of contaminated properties certified for “conditional reuse” by helping to assure that these conditions, known as “institutional controls” remain met.

Acting as an electronic file cabinet, smoke alarm and collaboration platform, our flagship technology, LandWatch, continually sifts through hundreds of sources of land activity data quickly finding, alerting, and offering a communication platform to our partners when activities seem in conflict with institutional control conditions.

As LandWatch and our other related technologies continue to gain momentum, I feel increasingly proud of our creative approaches and accomplishments towards environmental and health protection and look forward to our continued role in this important area. Please explore our site and The Monitor  to learn more.

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Terradex's team is available to help solve technical issues or assist in interpretation of a land activity alert. Use our contact information, or push-to-talk.

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