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    Welcome to Terradex Inc.
    Since 2002
    protecting human health and the environment
    from soil and groundwater contamination applying innovative web technologies.
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    Terradex LandWatch
    When an environmental remedy leaves residuals in place
    and institutional and engineering controls protect the remedy
    LandWatch controls land activities that could breach the remedy.
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    Terradex Dig Clean
    Nationwide Dig Clean advises contractors
    about soil and groundwater contamination before they dig,
    which protects everyone’s health and protects underground clean-up remedies.
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    Terradex WhatsDown
    An environmental screening tool
    designed to simplify the process of finding and reporting difficult information.
    Available as both a web and mobile application.
Tools that Manage Land and Avert Future Impact

Terradex provides long-term stewardship for contaminated land, conservation land and pipeline easements. Businesses and government agencies use our web-based tools to continuously protect the health of workers and occupants, prevent further damage to the environment, control liability and maintain regulatory compliance.

Some clients use Terradex tools when residual contamination persists on their property especially when relying on institutional or engineering controls. Others use our tools to manage a sensitive habitat like a wetland, or to protect a pipeline from damage, and to safeguard against developments that would unearth contaminants. If a client can map it, then Terradex can monitor it.

Terradex’s web tools can be deployed to just one or to thousands of properties. You can read about numerous practical applications of our services on our blog. Please contact us for a demonstration of our services.

Our Services


LandWatch helps prevent activities that would expose people or the environment to greater risk from contaminated properties. The web-based application continuously monitors selected land activity occurring at or near monitoring zones. LandWatch alerts clients in time to control the risk before damage occurs. For more than ten years, large corporations and government agencies have used LandWatch to monitor and manage portfolios of properties. Learn More

Dig Clean

Dig Clean generates Environmental Safety Advisories to contractors when they plan to excavate near contaminated properties by proactively informing them with health and safety information, and it helps the state and the property owner avoid damage to underground cleanup structures or inadvertent contact with contamination. Dig Clean is now used nationwide. Learn More


WhatsDown delivers an instantaneous environmental screening report for any California work location. WhatsDown pulls and consolidates public online environmental data, summarizes buried chemicals, and maps the extent of plumes and any land use controls impacting the excavation. This web and mobile application enables you to simplify the process of finding and reporting difficult information, helping you meet CalOSHA requirements before sending workers into the field. Learn More